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We are visual storytellers

We are passionate about documenting moments and creating storytelling images

that reflect your past, present, future and lifestyle.

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Jun is the creative mind behind blanc. He is rarely without his camera in hand, spurred by his passion and curiosity for people, places,

and his fascination for life and the art of photography.

Over the past twenty years his work has been published and exhibited worldwide.

His enthusiasm and commitment to his work means his time is split between long term personal project, commissions for private and commercial clients,

promotions, and charitable organizations.


His interest in photography began at younger age in the darkroom,

with recognition and winning numerous awards,

in 2001 he began his career as a visual storytelling photographer. 


His photography often oscillate between intimacies of relationships and the ambience of the moment with unique interpretation of light,

asking the viewers to reflect on the way of life in the subject he photographs.   


Jun currently lives in Oahu, Hawaii with his family. 

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