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"Story of Waikiki"

Nostalgic memory,  brings back the scent of the past

The refreshing air in the morning

The quiet sound of the waves caressing the white sandy beach

Bright and warm sunset slowly falling to the horizon signaling days end

Memories and stories you have in Hawaii

Memories you will make and pages you will turn in Hawaii

Filled with imagination and thoughts of the adventure to come


Waikiki is a world-famous resort and the symbol of Hawaii

Showcasing the different expression of Waikiki people experience from all over the world everyday

through collaboration with photography and scent

imagining  Waikiki's morning, day, and night

brings the scenery of Hawaii you can see, feel, and enjoy 

We hope to bring life the nostalgia of Hawaii where ever you are, what ever you doing to your everyday living.


Artist Collaboration

Photographer    x   Aroma Designer



​Born in Japan, raised in Utah. Currently residing in Hawaii.

With over 20 years of experience as a professional photographer and artist he established "blanc LLC" in 2021.

He learned love for photography as a young chid, and currently commissioned to shoot scenery, art, commercial, and wedding photography all over the world.

He is known for use of natural light, looking for beauty that surrounds us everyday exploring the theme of "past, now, and future" in relationship to photography hoping to inspire and move who sees them.



Studied aromatherapy and became an IFA accredited therapist in 2002. She worked as an aroma therapist at Australia's leading organic day spa. After gaining experience as an aromatherapist at famous hotel spas and medical institutions, moved to Hawaii in 2005. In 2008 she independently opened aromatherapy and Lomi Lomi Salon in Waikiki as ​owner / aroma therapist for 11 years with aroma therapist training and aromatherapy workshop.  In 2020, she became full-fledged aromatherapy fragrance designer, teaching an educating proper understanding and utilization of  aromatherapy focusing on Hawaii-specific courses. 


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