We are husband and wife full-time artists and the creative minds behind blanc.

We launched our modest little photo company in 2021.

With over 20 years of experience we have shot thousands of weddings across the state and world wide.

We are visual storytellers

We are passionate about documenting moments and creating great storytelling images

that reflect your lifestyle, what you do, how you feel and whats to come.

Hi, I'm Jun

For me, photography has intrinsic value. Good photos become more valuable over time.

Investing in a photographer capable of creating the types of photos

that tell a story and convey the emotion of your special day is so important.

When you look through your photos in 35 years,

you should not only remember what that day looked like but more importantly, how it felt.

Photography has that kind of power.

A good picture conveys the emotion, connection and empathy between people that no other medium can. 

I am still kid at heart, loves to have fun and always in search of that authentic imagery.

blanc Photographer / Founder & Owner


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Hi, I'm Aya

Your story is important

and worthy of being documented.

It’s our job to tell that story well.

I am the assistant / manager for blanc.

Born and raised in Japan, currently residing in Hawaii.


Fitting the puzzle pieces together to make timeless images and a beautiful story of you on your special day,

so you and your family can cherish them for generations to come.


Your memories mean everything and it is our craft to help you save them.

blanc Assistant / Manager


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Hi, I'm Ikumi

My dream of becoming a Hair & Makeup Artist stems from my childhood. I remember how I loved every morning when my mom would brush and do my hair.  The joyous and peaceful feeling I felt translated in pursuing my career as a Hair & Makeup Artist.

Things to remember, events that last a lifetime, seeing the lasting memories for generations to come has inspired me to continuously study and master the art of beauty.

To see the smile, bringing out the natural beauty within, sharing that moment with you is my passion.

blanc Lead Hair & Makeup Artist 

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Hi, I'm Takeshi

Life is a beautiful movie in its self.


From the time when I started shooting cinema, I remember thinking to myself about my roots and how my ancestors looked and sounded like. If such a video existed, I would cherish it not only for myself but for generations to come.


The modern technology is so advanced that taking video has become what we do in our daily lives. I would love to be part of your daily routine with many years of experience, understanding and creativity to make beautiful cinema you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. 

I hope to create cinema that you can watch and relive through out many journeys and brings different values in each stage of your life. 

I am always honored to be part of your special day!

blanc Lead Cinematographer

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