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North Shore

Nikon F3 / Nikkor 50mm F1.4 / Kodak Portra 400

Sunset is a magical time signaling the days end.

The time seems to take a pause so that we can reflect on the day we just lived.

Nikon Zfc / Nikkor Z 28mm f2.8 (Special Edition)

The last burning sun of the day, signaling the day is almost over.

Nikon Zfc / Nikkor Z 40mm f2

And its closing time for everyone.

Nikon Zfc / Nikkor Z 28mm f2.8 (Special Edition)

When the sun melts into the horizon and the in between times when its not day but not yet night is my favorite.

Our days are always so busy and I long for these times when you can pause and breath, to see the beauty that surrounds us and to appreciate what we already have is a treasure in itself.

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